1900 Coins

Coins issued in the year 1900 by the United States Mint included those struck in base metal, silver, and gold. Three different facilities struck coins for circulation across ten different denominations. Proof coins were struck for collectors at the Philadelphia Mint. A single commemorative coin was issued, representing only the third such coin issued in the United States.

The two lowest denomination coins were the 1900-dated Indian Head Cent and Liberty Nickel. These coins were struck in base metal compositions, primarily consisting of copper and nickel. As was customary at the time, production took place only at the Philadelphia Mint.

Silver denominations were the dime, quarter, and half dollar bearing the Liberty design by Charles Barber, and the silver dollar with a design by Charles Morgan. Four different gold denominations were produced with Liberty depictions. Production for these coins took place variously at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans Mint facilities.

The 1900 Lafayette Silver Dollar was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. In addition to being one of the earliest commemorative coins of the United States Mint, this coin was the first to feature the portrait of an American president on a legal tender coin. His profile portrait is shown with General Lafayette's portrait profile. These coins had a total distribution of 36,026 and today represent one of the keys of the early commemorative series.

1900 U.S. Coins:

  • 1900 Indian Head Cent
  • 1900 Liberty Nickel
  • 1900 Barber Dime
  • 1900 Barber Quarter
  • 1900 Barber Half Dollar
  • 1900 Morgan Dollar
  • 1900 Liberty Quarter Eagle
  • 1900 Liberty Half Eagle
  • 1900 Liberty Eagle
  • 1900 Liberty Double Eagle
  • 1900 Lafayette Silver Dollar